GTA San Andreas best Game ever – The most popular GTA in the GTA series of all time. This game has it all. Now it’s about to be replaced by it’s big brother GTA V. What GTA game will then have the biggest place in our heart?

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Review – Best GTA Ever!

Available on Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, PC (tested)
GTA San Andreas best GTA ever : San Andreas was the biggest game ever created by Rockstar Games. San Andreas hitted the biggest jackpot and was announced as the best game in the GTA series. GTA San Andreas is still the most popular and most played game. But is spring 2013 the end of the game? Will GTA V be taking over GTA San andreas’s shoes? As many have heard, GTA V will be in Los Santos. The hometown of the grove street and Carl Johnson, may CJ feature in GTA V? No one knows – yet. But in the summary of GTA San andreas. This game is delivering an amazing gameplay and is the most amazing GTA game so far by standards, with abilities to style CJ, mucle him up and alot of more things. Truly this game is incredible, no matter how old it is, it might be old, but it sure is gold.


Why is GTA San Andreas the best Game ever made?

I. Overview 
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, is a story about a man named Carl Johnson (CJ) Living in Liberty City after being rejected by Grove Street and his family after being responsible for his brothers death. As we begin to play as CJ, an opening scene starts with Sweet (CJ’s brother) Calling him announcing their mothers death. CJ travels back to Los Santos, Hometown of Grove Street and CJ himself. As he takes a cab to Grove street, he is pulled over by a old “friend” officer Tenpenny, being driven around Los Santos and than thrown out of the car. Now, this is where your first “mission” starts. Grab a bicycle and make your way to Grove Street, and your mothers house. You will than be going inside the house, looking around. Than looking at a picture of his mother – Big smoke and old fat friend of CJ appears with a baseball bat believing CJ is a burglar – as CJ screams who he is, Big smoke laughs and gives him a big bear hug. From now, the sequence ends – and you can save your game. After that, the storyline continues.

II. GTA San Andreas best Gameplay Experience 
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’s gameplay was amazing at that time – it still is, but somehow out dated and old. We need something fresh, even i think we do, but still i wanna play and have fun with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The game is still amazing and i still play it on my PC. San Andreas – the state of the foolish, the lost ones and the crazy people! The best about the game has to be the ability to train CJ at the gym and train him in different fighting styles. Also feeding him, either make him fat, extremely skinny og build him up like a mucsle monster! It’s all up to you and your choise of how you want him to look like – no matter how he looks like, the game is still enjoyable.

The picture above of CJ’s second mission, riding a bicycle from his mothers funeral, by the side of him, a random citizen or a member of the Grove Street Families. Missions in this game are also amazing. The first couple of missions in San andreas might seem boring and slow – but it escalates quickly to become more action packed and fun – so dont worry! The fun will come and it will stay there!

III. The Conclusion
I love this game. Therefore it’s an honor to rank this game to a big exclusive +6!! It’s awesome, it’s great, it’s fantastic!! It’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas!