Get the feeling of ranking up from a police officer to a detective, leading investigations and putting the bad guys behind bars.

L.A. Noire – Rockstar Games Strikes again!

Available on Xbox 360, PS3 (tested) & PC
L.A. Noire was for me, the game of the year 2011. It was epic at that time, and still is. L.A. Noire sets the standards and gives the excitment of being a police officer, and investegator and a detective in general. The story starts off with Cole Phelps, driving with his partner in his police cruiser. They eventually get a call over radio to get to a crime scene. Detectives want them on the scene to search the area for possible evidence. You start off at the night, with a flashlight in your hand, walking around with your partner, searching for any possible clues in the area. After a few searches and speculations, you find a very important piece in the puzzle – the murder weapon. This is just a few well said things about what you do in the game, there are also a part where you question people that either were witnesses or play an important part in a story where a crime took place.

Getting promoted, and climbing to the top
In this game – it’s all down to how many clues you can find, how many questions you correctly can ask a person you are questioning. Do you solve a crime with 100% confidence and finding everything and scoring on every question you ask a witness or a imporant person in the game – You get a high score, witch takes you closer to being promoted and ranking up in the game. In L.A. Noire there are 5 promotion titles, all listed below:

  • Patrol – Monitoring assigned geographical areas.
  • Traffic – Concerned with hit-and-runs, stolen vehicles, felony driving, illegal street racing, and collision reports involving serious injuries or fatalities where a crime may have been involved.
  • Homicide – Concerned with the investigation of murders and deaths.
  • Vice – Deals with offenses involving prostitution, narcotics, lewdness, lasciviousness, and obscenity.
  • Arson – concerned with crimes of maliciously, voluntarily, and willfully setting fire to buildings, forest areas, other property of another, or of burning one’s own property for an improper purpose, such as to collect insurance.


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Graphics & Soundtrack Music
This game features amazing graphics and music as you control Cole Phelps in L.A. Noire. Rockstar Games has yet again suprised. The characters featuring in the game are real life person converted into the game engines. Cole Phelps facial movement and look are taken from a real life human being. It’s a big step and a mayor change in the world of gaming as we know it. It’s absolutely amazing to see yet another mind blowing game from the Rockstar Games Game developers. I’m just so shocked by their talent and ideas they throw out to the world. This show their big passion for what they do daily, they really fit their job more than any other big game developer companys. The game is just so detailed and the music just goes right in with it and makes it so unique!

The Conclusion
L.A. Noire gives me no reason to have negative sayings. Because the game fills my “perfection” list to the max. I love this game, i just simply love it! Only one small negative thing i would love even more about this game is the ability to have freeroamed after finishing the storyline. The game is a little bit short in missions, and sometimes it feels like i don’t get to experience LA to the max. But beside that, the game is extremely loveable and therefore i round up the verdict by giving the game a big solid 6+. Now i shall go investigate some murders!