A game that comes back as a disappointment, Metal Gear 4 is not clear and delivers as good as before, and the game is limp with too much stealth and a good number of scenes where talking and arguing in the center. The game otherwise has a nice atmosphere with good graphics, stylish shootings that evolves, and a cool look when it comes to the war part of the game. A little too much focus is on stealth and not being discovered, one feels trapped in a world where Assassin’s Creed jumping, stealth and cutting of the throat behind the enemy is well recognized here. But all respect to Konami who got dusted in the game to give it a little twist of new life. Sneak games of this genre have never gotten it to fizz in my body and after 2 hours of play with infinite stealth, creep and anesthetic shooting enemies, I see the good in taking evening, and deeply think about what I in reality thought about the game. I see things that stand out from other games.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Gameplay


Is Metal Gear Solid 4 reliable ?


This game is slow , and the developers of the game seems to have given it plenty of time to carefully explain the story and what will happen on the next mission. You get an endless long cut scene where different characters are talking to each other and communicate. Although the option is there and just press past scenes so the game does in fact quite slow, and you feel you are sitting with hand on chin and half asleep during the game.


But across well to hurt in this game is otherwise very well thought out if you’re a fan of the stealth genre there. A card game that offers multiplayer this level may be a little boring and you may not feel you are getting something for your money. But by all means, do you like this type of game it is just turning to leave the wallet burn with a game you think is good and is ready to enjoy.

I’m just here to give my review on the game that by all means I sat dozing myself through. Maybe for their part out there, this game is magical, a dream and a fat fairy. I must admit it is a fat fairy. Well I was really slow with getting tried this game since it is a good time since the game was released to the gaming world. So all is well my own mistakes in the game from the time it was released, has changed drastically now.

Final words about Metal Gear Solid 4

You should definitely try this game if there is a game you feel comfortable with. I personally did not like it . But it’s a matter of taste to pleasant even when all is said and done. Try the game, and if you’ve tried it already, so do not hesitate to post a comment in the comments below. We’d love to hear your personal opinions.