Minecraft pc game is the biggest game created by one independent game developer who eventually became a team and game developer Mojang was formed.

Minecraft – Cool, Epic & Amazing

Available on Android, iOS, Xbox 360, PC (tested)
It’s now everyday you come over an one man project that later will hit sales over millions. A guy from Sweden succeeded in this, with his game called Minecraft, he sold over 1 million copies of the game, and formed a Game Developer called Mojang. Minecraft pc game today is big, it’s epic it’s simply awesome! Minecraft is a game, where it’s all about building things and being creative, there are no boundries for what you can build or what you can do in the game. You can freely build a castle, a mansion, a house, a boat, a ship. Anything, name it and it can be build with a little bit of fantasy. Only your imagination can set boundaries for what can be build.

I remember building a Mansion just like the one in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, that Tommy Vercetti takes over after the death of Ricardo Diaz. I builded just a similar one. There has also been videos of people on YouTube building houses and manisons of popular gangster and mafia earlier in the 40s-80s. Many people doesn’t know it – But mincraft is has unlimited of space and people can build in the world of minecraft for years before filling up the map, maybe no one ever can fill up the map. It would be amazing to see someone building New York to it’s details or building something else taken from the real life – i’m sure this has already been done.

The Conclusion

The game is just absolutely fantastic, I have nothing negative to say about the game, whatsoever. I wanna rank this game to a big epic solid 6+. Not many games i review get this high score, but this game is just so mind blown and epic. I have no words for it, people simply have to play it to understand what i am talking about and what i am trying to say. It’s epic, it’s hot and it can be pretty damn addictive, there is no doubt.