Suddenly confirmed the new publisher Deep Silver the fourth Saints Row game. It is up for a release already in August, more precisely on 23th and are coming to the current generation of consoles and PC.

More Chaos
Saints Row has positioned itself as a brand with focus on complete insanity, turned humor, pink dildos, explosions and other nonsense. And it appears that the fourth game is also going to deliver. The boss of the gang The Saints are supposed to have become president, but sadly there comes some aliens into the picture and abducts them all to another dimension. Or something like that. Either way, our heroes gain super powers. And we’re looking forward to it. Saints Row the fourth better be just as suprising as the third was. But that is to us game reviewers and all you people out there to decide. Everyone with a different opinion pointing to something is always gonna be around. We just have to wait and see what happends. The first trailer shows alot of new cool stuff. Let’s go abit more into it below.

Short Trailer Review
The trailer itself starts off with the main character. And you can clearly see that he has gained super powers! Different short up close videos appears and disappears quickly with a very catchy line of text during the clips that lasts a few seconds. Also a few seconds video shows your charachter flying – like superman!  This trailer really shows some good “snacks”. Also in the YouTube description of the video. Some information has been given out. Note that the video is published by Deep Silver themself. Here is the information: “Saints Row IV™ – From the Crack House to the White House The ball-busting next chapter in the Saints Row franchise, is starting a party in your pants this August. Developed by Volition, Saints Row IV will launch on current-gen consoles and PC on August 20, 2013, in North America and August 23, 2013, in the rest of the world.” Catchy information eh? Well let’s move on again, we’re looking forward to see some more party in our pants information about this game, in the meantime, this is the first trailer: