Since the official release of information regarding New playstation 4 , PS4 has sweep-ed the globe last month – PS4 has been given feedback better than ever before. Is this Sony’s breakthrough within the gaming experience? The developers loves Sony’s new console!

Now that New PlayStation 4 are well known for most people, more developers are choosing to talk about the consoles capabilities. And it seems like most of them are satisfied, especially with a specific aspect of the machine itself: the amount of RAM. 8 GB GDDR5-memory seems to be a dream for most people.

RAM is the key
The developers in Avalanche Studios says straight forward in an interview: PS4 will overcome most PCs for years to come, and that makes it easier to develop greater games than ever. Avalanche is behind the great success of the Just Cause-games, and has lately been giving hints of a third game in the series.


Dualshock PS4

Several other developers have been pointing out the same thing: The developers of brilliant Dishonored, Arkane Studios, Also says that the big amount of RAM is a blessing that removes alot of  limitations.

Softwarelint is really looking forward too see the results.