PS3 console deals

The New Year has just eclipsed us; we have been blessed with a new 365 days, from the end of 2012. In this occasion, we get the best Playstation 3 that is to be provided by Sony, the manufacturer. With the incorporation of the different famed games in the Sony stable with the ps3, you get the best PS3 console deals. You can play Sly Cooper, the magnificent game from Sony, countless times, and with enhanced graphical content, which is auto upgraded each time. Fight out with multiplayer foes in the God of War Ascension, which is only available in the PS3 platform. These comprise of some of the best PS3 console deals that you can find in the market.

ps3 console deals

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Ps3 slim deals

The festive season has also brought in the best Playstation 3  in the form of ps3 slim deals. You can get the best consoles at a steal, something which can be a gem for the avid gamers.  You can get oodles of PS3 bundles, and enjoy with your friends and family, playing away the wonderful games from the stable of Sony. With the enhanced internet connection in the ps3 console, you can get streaming rights to the best game videos, download demo games, and enjoy the very best of multiplayer gaming.



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Playstation 3 deals

With the normal price of $299.96 attracting the avid gamers and the people with a taste of hardcore gaming, the best ps3 bundles and playstation 3 deals will have you seeing the prices drop to around $249.99, a drastic cut of $50 for the festive people. Now even more people can enjoy the benefit of Playstation 3 and get to play with their friends  and close relatives.

The ps3 bundles of games include LittleBigPlanet 2, Ratchet & Clank, inFamous; all of which is a part of the 1 year playstation plus membership that shall be of prime importance to the newbie gamer. With over 500GB of HDD for storing games, videos and music, there is nothing that can constitute a better deal that the ones which you are getting to see currently.