Grand Theft Auto is back! – Just several 100 years back in time. Replaced by horses and the old wild west.

Red Dead Redemption – Returning to the wild west

Available on Xbox 360, PC, PS3 (tested)
I’ve never been a fan of western movies – or games. But there is something about this game that made me feel like i were back in Grand Theft Auto. Except the fact that cars are replaced with horses and all that. This game is just as fantastic as GTA is, just in a different way. As to this game, Rockstar never disappoints, they still suprise and they are pretty good at what they do, even if it’s about new genres with different outcome. The missions in Red Dead Redeption might seem small and short, but there are still plenty of things to do in RDR. There are alot of suprises, like hunting and riding a horse into the sunset. There are no limits for what you can do – well a few one but not important ones.

Gameplay is good enough. Not awesome, but not bad either. I kind of like it as it turned out, the last mission in the game, that ends the storyline, is a sad one and perheaps pretty irritating. But i’m not gonna spoil that part for anyone interested in buying the game as they read through this article. But the outcome of the last mission is…Sad and irritating. But that’s just how Rockstar created it, can’t judge them. Gameplay are 50/50 good/bad.

The Conclusion
This is kinda a hard – first time i played the game i was pretty sceptical, and i still am. But i kinda enjoyed to ride on a horse and cause mayhem if i wanted. It was pretty enjoyable from times to times. And i can honestly say there are bads and goods about the game. So i’m gonna go to the middle with this, a solid 4 for the game is my final judgement. Now, im just gonna take off my hat, bow and ride happily into the sunset.