Conquer the dragons of Air and Death in Rift: Storm Legion

Genre: Online Massively Multiplayer, RPG

Developer: Trion Worlds

Publisher: Trion Worlds


Trion’s Storm legion was announced as an expansion pack to rift but it is something way bigger than that; as Rift: Storm Legion has a ton of added content. Which made the months of anticipation totally worth it!

For those not familiar with Rift — Rift takes place within a fantasy world called Telara which is the focal point of various elemental planes. The planes represent  Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Life, and Death,  Dragon-deity governs each and every one of those planes. The point of  intersection of every one of the above mentioned planes is where Telara actually exists.

I know it all sounds quite complicated  but just hear me out here — various Dragons have united in an alliance known as the Blood Storm, for the purpose of invading Telara to gain the use of the mighty intersection. Had The Blood Storm suffered any defeats you ask? Yes! In the past they where defeated by the Vigil — the most powerful of the native gods of Telara. You must probably be wondering what the rifts are…The Rifts are simply areas where the elements become unstable which represent the intrusion of elemental planes into the land of Telara. Once opened, the rifts begin to spawn down all sorts of monsters that proceed to march towards important points on the map.

Now that you have a little grasp of the story let’s talk about Storm Legion; as I said earlier Storm Legion was to be release as an expansion package to rift but we got something way bigger than what we expected.

Let’s take a look at the new stuff in rift:

New Content

  • 7 new dungeons, 3 raids & a Chronicle.
  • Fight against challenging planar bosses, as well as fights against new creatures including a Colossus that interacts with the world.

A New World

  • 2 new continents
  • New  stories
  • No more silly running around Sanctum as a new strong hold — The Tempest Bay has been added.

New Level-Cap and Souls

  • More souls; Each calling has a new soul available.
  • You can level however you want whether it is through rifts, quests,  onslaughts etc


  • Make the World of Telara your own! 
    • Unique customization spaces that will allow players have their own sliver of Telera.
    • Grand-master Crafting.
    • Unique Capes that will utilize a technology called Shroud™ to allow the capes to flow and hang like the real cloth.
    • Unique  puzzles, artifacts, achievements, mounts, pets, titles etc

We all agree that Storm Legion increases Rift’s size dramatically but It is not an expansion so much as it is a second Rift bolted onto the back of the original game.

Clearly a  game-wide change does reduce the tedium of monster hunting quests as the 2.0 update that released alongside the Rift expansion changes the way credit is awarded for kills; now anyone can be involved in taking out a mob. *Rhymes*

On a serious note the innovative part of Storm Legion is the dimensions; Rift’s new player housing, is by far the most innovative housing system in the genre as each Dimension allows you to build any sizable area, whatever you can imagine with various objects purchased, collected as well as crafted around the world. The Dimensions themselves come in a variety of themes and price points; from free and relatively small to larger and of course more expensive. The high end Dimensions offer you their own unique themes, such as the water-filled canyon from “Ember Isle’s Dormant Core”.

The bad part about this game is that the above is the only noticeable innovation, don’t get me wrong here but the rest does seem more like a copy+paste job rather than an innovation. Trion should have simply elaborated the rifts and dynamics and stuck to what the game originally promised. Instead of going the lazy ‘Get Gear + Raid’ way, not to mention the terrible voicing.

Now the big question: Can My PC Run This? Well, this is kind of another major flaw in this game…trust me you are not going to enjoy this game on an average machine. If you just think of even reducing the visual quality to “anything” less than the high settings; you will be disgusted with the game as the game will no longer look anything close to being played at the high settings. So if you truly wish to enjoy and get the best out of this game, you just have to play this at the highest visual quality!

I am not going to bore you with some geeky blabbing anymore let me just point out that obviously the game DOES contain  flaws, and yes it may seem it is just way too generic but there isn’t hiding of the fact that Rift: Storm Legion provides players with a wider world with a  mighty tool to create truly unique constructions and at the end of the day Storm Legion is more of a hit than a miss!