Gigantic dildos, ridiculous explosions and absolutely awesome. A new bold direction of epic. The childish unserious way of GTA. This game is really living out by the most laughable game ever created. This game will make you laugh tears and shake your head in joy as you play this fantastic but unserious game!

Saints Row: The Third – Ridiculous, Epic & Addictive

Available on Xbox 360, PS3 (tested), PC
There are really no word to put on this freaking crazy game. Spacesuits, dildos, rockets, extreme firepower, over-customized cars and humor beyond normal. But as crazy and rediclous this game is – it’s actually pretty awesome, and not to say extremely addictive. Create chaos, mayhem and confusing to the citizens of Steelport. The return of the saints, the rulers of Steelport and celebrities at the same time. Starting of with Johnny Gat as the front figure for their famous gang. The saints bring fear to the streets and create mayhem in order to keep themself at the top of crime, sex, drugs and prostitution.

A nice town for newly established?
The game focues alot on the Saints-gang. That always have been the center of attention for the series, but their future in the third chapter, makes them look like criminal teenager gang. Saints Row: The third starts off with a bank robbery in a rediclous way. What about robbing a bank dressed as themself and transport the safe with a Helicopter, while police helicopters flys around you like birds?

The mission doesn’t go as expected and you and the center of attention memebers gets arrested. Another bigger organization going by the name, the Syndicate, bribes the police to release the saints to them – They wants to offer a deal where they get most of the Saints-organizations income in Stillwater for their freedom. And ofcourse the Saints-gang doesnt agree to this, and takes a battle against the Syndicate in their hometown Steelport. So you’re thrown into a story where one sick event followed by the next in an endless insane escalation.

Conclusion, Conclusion, Conclusion
This game is in some werid way rediclously funny and crossing the line at the same time. The game is actually not quite bad but the story and gameplay is just too much, this is not a child’s game, this is actually worse than GTA! My verdict to this game is a disappointing 3-.

Saints Row: The Third came out for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 15th november 2011.