Wanna feel the adrealine pump? Wanna really kick some ass? Burst your fist in someone’s stomach or head? This is defintly a way to get out all that anger inside you!

Tekken 6 – Let’s kick some ass!

Available on Xbox 360 & PS3 (tested)
First time i played Tekken 6. I was really suprised how the game still had kept it’s standard since the other Tekken games i remember playing earlier in my childhood a few years back. This game, as back then on Playstation 1 – Still delives, i love this game, the pluss this game got when they handed it out to the marked, was the improved graphics, sounds and music. I simply fell in love all over again! This game must be the epic game of year 2009 as it was released back then. Currently now i’m starting to review both new – and old games that have caught my eye and heart. Tekken 6 is defintly one of them!

On the edge, but beautiful!
Among competetive skilled gamers there are good points to earn when hiting the opponent in the air at the point where they turn out helpless, and Tekken 6 offers  several options to punish the opponent in this way. Tekken 6 is taking fighting games to the next level, it’s beautiful; but on the edge too. Because the game in my opinion is not changing much, they are simply re-making the original games into better ones, with graphic, fighting options and more available features, they should take a new road, try something different and slowly move away from the same stuff that they have been doing for such a long time these days.

The Conclusion
I will be short in this; Tekken 6 is amazing, stunning and there are just some words i can’t put on this game. I have never been a fan of games in this genres; expect Tekken 6 have captured my heart. You can play as two sexy chicks fighting off and giving each other bruises and really having a bloody voilent cat fight. There are so many choises to make, it’s awesome! I’m putting everything i got in this review, rounding it up with a big fat 6+! As for now, i’m gonna go and fight some!