The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Adventure gaming at it’s finest

Available on Xbox 360, PS3 (tested), PC
Reviewing skyrim was probably the hardest thing ever, Because there are so many good things to write about the game and to cover the area of all the good things would lead to a big book! The game has amazing graphics, it’s really a mindblown game with excellent gameplay and stunning facial characters. I like this game, no, i actually love it!

Empire’s last days
Skyrim goes back to the age with horses, and swords, the almighty age where things included dragons, magic and murder. War is breaking out in Skyrim, the empire and the stormcloacks. You have one choice; team up with The Empire or go straight to the evil Stormcloacks? It’s your choise, choose wisely. You start off riding in a caravan with other prisoners, on your way to death row. When you start up skyrim are have gotten yourself to freely roam the land, there will be endless of things to do, from stealing, to cutting trees to doing favours for citizens. The map is endless, and there are several weeks of explorable caves and landscapes. You’re simply gonna be blown away.

Conclusion of the game
So what can we rank this game to? Simply by using one word, AMAZING!!! This game has absolutely delivered. This game goes in my top ten list, listed as number two, with GTA V right over it. The game in short words are fantastic, making a game taking you maybe thousand years back in time to an age where everything were about to get economy, with houses, nature and castles. This really gives some true loyal gamers tears in their eyes. The verdict i present is 6+ to this game. Just the gameplay, the graphics, the storyline, the details, the music used in the game just clicks so perfectly togheter! This game is worth every dollar! Go buy it now if you already ain’t enjoying it.