Check out this tropical modification!

There is nothing wrong being sick and tired of unlimited and never ending snow, mountains and darkness in Skyrim. Specialy if you have played Far Cry 3 and has fallen in love with the tropical theme. So, a clever modder has found out that there should be a way to combine both things, and therefore has made a tropical modification to the roleplay game.

Summer vacation in Skyrim
The modification is called a climate overhaul, and changes many aspects of the experience. Tundra-areas for example has been changed to deserts with sand storms. The coast region has beaches and palms. The forrests has been changed to a thick jungle (also with palm trees), and snow-covered areas are now changed to green grass. There are also volcanic areas added.


Weather effects are significantly changed, the same goes for lightning. Everything is better adapted to tropical areas. There has also been big changes to the animal life, the most animals and monsters are changed to fit the theme, and the same goes for the architecture in the cities, water effects, caves, armor and other details.

Here can all the information be found.

We have not tested the modification itself, so we do not know how the quality is, in practice, but the idea is cool. A video that presents the modification can be seen here: