Zuma’s Revenge is another sequel in the Zuma’s series by a very popular iPhone app developer called PopCap. They have made apps that have gone viral in the past and with this release of Zuma’s they have proven that thy are not running out of iPhone app ideas.

The company PopCap started out as a small idea but with the release of several hits has grown into a very respected developer. The thing that people tend to love the most is that the games are the easy-to-learn and fun. Differently from other developers the games that they offer can be played on different platforms like Facebook, PC, Xbox, iPhone and the list goes on. Some of the most popular ones would be Bejeweled, Plants vs. Zombies and Peggle.

With the new release of Zuma’s the developers are bringing us a whole new world to explore. There are over 60 different levels to ensure that the player will be busy for a long time. The new Zuma‘s also features 6 different Tiki bosses that you need to vanquish using all your skills. Do you you believe you have enough to destroy the evil bosses, there is only one way to find out.

Game feature

The game features a main story line where you need to complete all the 60 levels to unlock new challenges on them. This challenge system will keep all players busy for a long time. You can also explore the new twists in Zuma’s gameplay that allow you to hop around for better and more targeted shots. This change will be surely welcomed by players who needed more strategy. When the game gets too tough to handle you are provided with power ups that are sure to help you on your way. And you can always take a look at your progress at the Tiki Temple that will keep you up to date with all your statistics.

The game itself looks beautiful and is well thought out. When starting the game we are welcomed by the Zuma we have all learned to love over the series of game provided to us. The graphics are improving with every release and if you have a iPad you can even enjoy a full HD experience.

About developers

The developers at PopCap certainly know how to create iPhone apps and have proven that they have more than an ample amount of iPhone app ideas. Zuma’s revenge is an excellent game that will keep everyone busy for a long time. What will the app developers at PopCap think of next, only time will tell.


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