At this age of technology, almost everyone who is reading this article is probably doing so through a laptop (or desktop). An average person uses the internet 13 hours a week. A person who works at home though uses his laptop to 6 hours-8 hours a day at minimum. Your laptop is then exposed to dirt that the air brings, which makes your laptop screen dirty. Let’s face it; everyone wants a clean laptop screen. You surely miss the shiny look your laptop once had, which is why reading along will help you on how to clean your laptop screen.

Keep in mind that while there are many ways on how to clean your laptop screen, you have to be careful on the sensitivity of your LCD screen. You will learn the proper way on how to clean your laptop screen safely by following these steps:

1.      Create a solution

The best solution to use is plain distilled water. Manufacturers no longer suggest using solutions with alcohol, ammonia, or any strong solvent content on LCD screens as it may cause damage. If heavy cleaning is needed, a good alternative would be creating a 1:1 mix of distilled water and white vinegar. Cleaning your laptop screen with water is still the best way to go.


2.      Prepare a soft cloth

Use a 100% cotton cloth that is soft and absorbent. You can use an old T-shirt, a sock (make sure it’s clean), or even disposable wipes sold on the nearest drugstore. Make sure your cloth does not contain stiff filaments as it can damage an LCD’s surface. Your goal is to have a clean laptop screen, and not to damage it any further.


3.      Apply a minimal amount of solution on the soft cloth

Apply only a small amount of water solution on the cloth. Make sure that the cloth is not WET, only moist. A wet cloth can cause dripping that may further damage your screen. It is also suggested to use a large cloth to clean your laptop screen since it will reduce the risk of leaving marks all over the screen due to finger pressure.

4.      Wipe the cloth on the screen on a circular motion

Fast circular motions easily remove these streaks on your laptop screen. By doing this, while applying gentle pressure to the cloth, you can clean your laptop screen in no time. Use ample pressure to keep the cloth in contact with the laptop screen. Applying too much pressure when cleaning your laptop screen can cause permanent damage to your LCD matrix which will fully destroy your laptop screen. A clean laptop screen with a destroyed LCD matrix is utterly useless, so you have to be extremely careful and clean your laptop screen safely.

A lot of people search on the internet on what’s the best way to clean your laptop screen. These steps right here is what’s best for you. Follow these 4 steps and you will sport a clean laptop screen in no time.