We are searching for people to round up our Staff. We are looking for passionate, and dedicated people who want to be part of something special. Softwarelint is a new website, with a long term goal and vision. We aim to become an Authority Website. For us to reach that, it will take time, and sacrifice from each of us.

Learn more about Softwarelint

Softwarelint  is your gateway to all the latest in technology and social media. From the latest gadgets, to the newest social networking trends, Softwarelint aims to make your life easier and much more convenient with all our FREE SERVICES.

Softwarelint guides you in this rapidly growing, technology-driven world that we live in. With our free services, we are helping you get the life that you deserve.

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You and Softwarelint

Upon reading the aforementioned information, you now have an idea what Softwarelint is all about. We would like to embrace you with open arms. Be part of Softwarelint and you will have a nice seat together with us as we aim high and reach for the stars.

We pay low to new recruiters Of course, you might be thinking… “Why join now and get low payment, when I can join when you when you’re already earning?” The answer is simple. Sacrifice now, Earn A LOT later on. Do read along…

If you are a passionate writer, who happen to enjoy writing about tech stuff, gadgets, social media etc. Then this is the spot for you! You can be a Softwarelint Writer. (Write reviews on gadgets, apps, etc. Break news or rumors regarding new gadgets/events on the world of social media).

Along with writers we are looking for good Socialmedia managers,SEO experts, Marketers and Researchers who can help us to reach worldwide audience.

If you have the skills in Web development and/or Apps, or anything related to it, you can apply to be a Softwarelint Developer.*

*ONLY 1 APPLICANT PER POSITION WILL BE ACCEPTED. (Only the developer and writer position may exceed 1; 2 at most)

How do I submit my job application?

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How will I know if I can be part of the Softwarelint Team ?

You will immediately receive a message regarding your status after 1 day (2 days at most). Whether you are in, or not, you will get a message from us.

Note: We may also call for an Online Interview (Chat; via Skype) if need be.

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