Hello Softwarelint Readers

After my post on Most annoying things on Facebook i decided to do the same with twitter.On Twitter You may not be the most likeable twitterer  because You do the things that should be never done on twitter. If you Want more followers ,Follow our 10 golden thumb rules that shouldn’t be done on twitter.

  1. “Had awesome aloo paranthas for dinner made by me last night #alooparanthas #dinner # awesome 
    view photo”
    The one thing that nobody wants to read is what you had for dinner last night, and also see proof of it in form of twit pics.
  2. Made shrimp masala today!! New recipe from Recipetv.Wow,View photo”
    And no one  wants to know about the outcome of your brave attempt at copying a recipe from a cookery show you saw on TV.
  3. “I miss you /But do you know? / It’s you i miss? #micropoem #fb ”
    Don’t speak out of context or talk about something that nobody but you understand.
  4. “Your memories at night/like springs in a desert
    Philosophical or emo-nonsense is best kept to yourself.
  5. “KFC’s chickens are so awesome . make my mouth water.#kfcs #chicken #drivein #awesome #mouthwater #bestchickensever #ilovechickens”
    Just because Twitter made hashtags cool , it does not mean you have to go OTT with them. Too many hashtags are distracting . Clean Sentence works best. Really.
  6. “X @iamsrk @ihrithik @greenboxsupermarket @beeeku @postoffice .Follow me on twitter guys”
    Tweeting celebreties, or even worse , asking random people to follow you only makes you look like a looser .
  7. “That was so f*&^%*& cool man.photo bahut mast hai boss!”
    Cuss words are best left out of a public space such as this.If you feel strongly about something, tweet about it politely. Think of it as your business being at stake.
  8. “Partied till i passed out last night. Open bar was the coolest. Have a solid hangover to work now”
    People don’t do business with party animals, even if your job involves a lot of nightouts.
  9. “I’m so bored . What’s up everyone”
    If you don’t have anything more intelligent than this to say, better not  tweet  . Else be ready to be unfollowed.
  10. “wOTs Going on ppl?
    Tewitter is so cool.Col mayb ?”
    There is no bigger turn off than trudging through illegible English. And Please Don’t use SMS language. 140 characters are enough to air your thoughts without having to garble like Garfield.