After the Entry of Google+ in social network Facebook is always trying to give some  privilege facilities that will not make their members slip to other social network. After many recent additions/enhancement in Facebook like timeline, photo theatrical view there is a recent Enhancement in Facebook page Security.

If you are an admin of a Facebook page you might be thinking about it’s security. Always we thought about sharing the work to do faster updates for managing Facebook pages. We also thought about any other admin can remove us from the page and our all dedication and work will be in vain. Now Facebook manages to solves this Problem and it’s a great advantages for all

Facebook divides and assigns different roles for different admins in a Facebook page.

There are different roles of admins like

  • Manager
  • Content Creator
  • Moderator
  • Advertiser
  • Insights Analyst

Manager- A manager of a Facebook page can create new admins,remove admins, creates posts and ads, send  messages .
He is the super admin of the page nobody can change his role

Content Creator- Content creator of a Facebook Page will create new posts, edit page and will be able to view insights

Moderator- The role of a Moderator in a Facebook page is he responds and deletes the comments in your page.He is able to view insights and send messages

Advertiser-  An advertiser doesn’t have permission to create or delete posts. he is only able to create ads and view insights

Insights Analyst- This role has lowest privileges he can only view insights .

Well after all this you must be excited about enhance your page’s security and distribute aal your works between admins

Here is how to Do this-

  1. Go to your page’s timeline
  2. Click on Edit page
  • Go to Admin Roles
  • Then you can manage your admin roles

and save it you are done..