“a new direction in social sharing!” – Chris-Erik Fotland

Recently i got my fingertips to touch the facebook home app for the first time. And the feelings going through my body as my fingertips touched the screen swiping through every page with photos and updates from friends was so stunishing in that moment. The way we see apps today, and how quickly they envolve to modern social sharing and the experience we get as we tap, touch and feel is so enormous!

Magical, isn’t it?

Indeed for me, it feels so magical, to be able to see the modern world change, and the design refreshing over the months and years. Being able to live, and witness so much history happening in the year 2000. These things marks a new history of the world. The things we see, will eventually end up e-books on the internet, where kids will read about how the world changed and how much it changed from when they were born, and till they grow up and can understand the world as much as we do now.

To get back on track, i just gotta say that the Facebook home is magical in the design. It’s so unique compared to all the other apps on the marked. Facebook always have a way to stand out, and when they change something, you’re either satisfied or disappointed, there is no maybe. Your descision is gonna be very accurate when you see something new from them.

Chat heads are a new feature added to both Facebook home and the facebook app that are the standard app functional on all modern phones. Chat heads are specialy created with the goal to make multitasking easier while using facebook to chat and still be in another app without the need to close that app and head over to facebook app. Below is a picture showing off this method easily. In the background you can see an app running, in this picture, its the facebook home in the background, but this works on all of the apps of your choise.

unnamed (1)  unnamed (4)

The other picture at the side also shows how the bubbles can be moved around and still be active while reading this beautiful status with a photo added to it, it’s absolutely stunning! Chat heads opens up alot of new oppertunities to multitasking as said earlier on. So much better developed and introduced than the Facebook Messenger. Chat Heads as i have been informed about, are available on all phones with the standard facebook app. And can easily be used installing updates.

All the goodies in Facebook home

Facebook home is really integraded nicely in the phone you use. With a beautiful overview of your news feed, that on the phone has been totally changed to a picture respresenting and with a text and all sorts of info displaying on your screen. Below is a picture, taken from the app store. This clearly states that this is from the HTC facebook phone. As soon as you start your phone, you get directed to this beautiful menu with the clock on top and a beautiful picture and a little bubble with your profile picture in it. The other picture is a location status, with the person’s illustrated photo to share with her friends. Look at the design, the placement, how beautiful is this?!

unnamed (5) unnamed (2)

Facebook haven’t saved their powers on this app and have put alot of work in it, the wonders go on how long they have been developing this app too. That will stay a mystery for now. The photos can be found and swiped through on Google Play and searching up “Facebook Home”. Also there will be a list of all the phones that supports this beautiful app. We will list them in the end of this article.

Available on what phones?

Home is currently available on certain devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note II, HTC One X and HTC One X+. All other phones that are not mentioned only have the possibility to use Chat heads. Either buy a new phone or be satisfied with the chat heads feature. That’s all i can say. If you already have had Facebook home at your fingertips, and didnt like it, there would than be no need to buy a new phone. But if you are eager to try this out, it’s sure worth the money!

The round-up and final judgement

Time for the final verdict and the judgement of this app. Only had a few minutes when i swiped through the facebook home and exploring it’s feature. It caught my attention at first glince and i absolutely fell in love with it! This app is defintly a good app and are recommended to check out, by either buy a phone or simply ask a friend if he or she has the app on their phone. With a stunning and beautiful design, simple text and simple design, this app clearly delivers, i wouldn’t be shocked if it was awarded the best App of the year 2013. And it clearly deserves that title in my point of view, atleast for the Social network category. This app is rounded up with a total of 6+ stars, the highest rated review result i have given since i started writting!

Head over to Google play or Apple App store and pick the app up, it’s free! Also i’m adding a video below from facebook, so you can see Facebook home in action. Enjoy.