Hello Everybody,

Probably most of you are known to hacker’s language. Hacker’s are always fascinated about their unique names , unique language. Those who don’t know hacker’s language here is a example-

We call “Hacker” as “Hack3r” , “Leet speak” as “1337 sp34k“.
There is  no strict rules in This fancy language .Anyone can add numbers look similar to letters, similar to mobile key pad and many rules.

We think if you can read this you are perfectly prepared for  1337 sp34k





Yesterday Facebook added this awesome feature it looks really cool as below

How to apply Hacker’s Language (Leet speak ) to your Facebook account.

  1. Login to your Facebook account
  2. Go to your account setting
  3. Go to edit primary language option
  4. set it to leet speak and save changes
    whooa you are done… Enjoy Your Facebook account with Hacker’s language .


If you want to access your old Facebook again then again follow the steps and set the language to  English(us)

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