All of us who use Facebook  must be known to Facebook likes. We are always eager to get more likes for our photos, for our status updates .We can do almost any thing for our Facebook likes. Not every one gets lots of likes in their updates. so, some developers developed script that will get more likes to our posts, photos .The script Was leaked quite some day before many of us used it to get likes.

In my previous posts i had written about  how Facebook strengthens it’s security but the script is a loophole to Facebook security.but using the leaked script the spammers are now spamming the Facebook.

What they Spam??

In the scam trick you will surely get lots of like but  But at the same time you will be posting this SPAM message: “Get 5000 likes in your Status! [URL]”to all the groups you are a member of. Thus Spreading this SPAM further.

How they Do This???

The spammers are actually joined two scripts below script to trap you.

1) Facebook app to Auto-Post to all the groups (you are a member of).
2) Facebook Auto liker app Script.

How’s the spam post look like??

How’s The spam Works??

When a user click on the link given by the spam post. the user will be redirected to a page where they will ask you to complete few steps  Which includes users allowing that app to get the app token and to access profile data.

How’s the redirect page look like?

once the user click the GET TOKEN button  a POP-up will followed and ask user to allow  a random particular application to auto post to all groups

Once you Give the permissions to the app they can spam any message from your Facebook Account to all groups in which you are member of. The whole spam story runs in background and you never know when you have posted Spam links all in your groups.Next you will be asked to input token code and after submitting token code, you will be able to input “status ID” for which you want loads of likes. And yes you can get more facebook likes as promised, but the untold truth is, you just became another spammers spreading Scams.

How Am i promoting the scam??

When you allow the application for auto-posting in groups the group members also click the link and also become a spammer like you.

How do I Get rid of The spams?? 

As we are the softwarelint experts here don’t worry if you are a victim of  spam. we will save you as before we did in LinkedIn Password Hack case

  • Go to APP SETTINGS on Facebook
  • look for the recent apps you have given permission to and remove it’s all permissions.
  • You are done..!!! but share this post with all your friends who you don’t want to be a victim of this type of scam.