Very popular Social Networking site LinkedIn ,which we use to exchange ideas and opportunities with 150,000 professionals/members got a shock when They heard about the biggest security breach on the big day 6th June .The Russian hacking site  published  a file containing 6,458,020 SHA-1 unsalted password hashes. Six million passwords are deciphered and almost 3  lakh passwords are cracked to  plain text and available in internet.Hackers all around the world are united again to decipher/crack the hashes.

LinkedIn confirmed the password breach issue on the day which lead to instability of users in LinkedIn.In my Previous post I have mentioned how Facebook is enhancing it’s security but LinkedIn Completely fails to give users Security Peace.The site passed it’s bad reputation in past,but without an immediate response of protective action for users they could loose all the users and reputation they have gained.

Smart hackers Taking the advantages of the situation creating fake Phishing pages of LinkedIn .Fake Pages are already up in the Free domain internet that  prompts innocent users to Change their password .They Entrap users in such a way that they will fell into it easily.Also there is a greater possibilities of millions of spam e-mails will reach the inbox of LinkedIn users to change their password with a link to a fake phishing site. Dummy LinkedIn users will give their passwords to hackers  and i see a large security breach growing..You never know but when your ideas, company name are changed by hackers ,that’s sounds really scary,isn’t it?

So Here Softwarelint Experts will guide you on  how to Protect Your LinkdIn Password from hackers

  • Don’t click any unknown links or respond similarly named emails from your inbox.
  • go directly by typing or keep a book mark
  • After Changing your password from LinkedIn go to to check is your password is hacked or not..
  • Choose Random passwords with long strings ,symbols, numbers and special symbols.
  • Change your password weekly
  • don’t Keep one password for all will be in danger if a hacker access one of your social account.

and lastly Be smart  And Don’t try to act like innocent. Protect yourself from hackers..