Hello Softwarelint readers

After covering my articles on security issues of different social media i wanted to post some real facts about Facebook, so this post come up. People don’t care or don’t know about their annoying activities on different social media that leads to a bad impression on their friends , socialites and followers.Often for our purpose of getting likes or comments we really annoy our friends.

So, here is top annoying things on Facebook that a person shouldn’t do .

  1. People you don’t care  a damn about are all over your news feed.
  2. People who tag you in everything-Honeymoon pictures to product endorsements.
  3. People who post status updates saying ” gd 2 be in call”  WTF does that mean???!!
  4. People who keep ‘poking’ you .
  5. Strangers sending messages to accept their friend requests.
  6. People who like their own posts!
  7. “If you love your mom repost this”
  8. Too much of PDA,”I miss you”, “awww”,”XoXo”. Too many Exclamation marks!!!!!
  9. People trying new applications , games and sending you requests like cityville , poker, zynga.
  10. Cat, dog,old people and baby pictures. we love you but still.
  11. All inspirational Quotes.
  12. People begging you (invite you) to like their pages , like their photos and to give good comments.

These are the facts that annoys you on Facebook,If i missed some points you can comment