Do you see a lot of designers wrenching their hands, complaining about not having an adequate platform that can help them to make their artistic skills? Well the answer comes in the form of The Matboard. At first notice, this may seem to be a rip-off from Pinterest, but bear in mind that this has the finest collection of designers, out to showcase their talent, something which was not possible when it came to Pinterest. With the additional facility of getting in contact with like-minded designers as well as prospective clients, the Matboard is a revolution that is waiting to happen.

The Creation of The Matboard: –

Philips and his wife Natalia have been credited with creating this new social bookmarking website in their spare time, and it has taken the virtual world by storm. With a lot of members speculating on the popularity of this website, the recent interest in the Internet blogosphere about this new social bookmarking website is only to be seen. The Matboard allows the users to explore, share, as well as inspire creative work from other designers. Creative visual content as well as social media sharing capabilities are just some of the add-ons that you shall find in this website.

The power of The Matboard: –

The connection with like-minded people enables the website to function like LinkedIn. This prospective website not only harnesses the power of two revolutionaries in the Internet world, but also make sure that it can better both of them in creating a digital platform for people of creative taste and interest. The mission of this website is to inspire the creative designers and professionals to bring out their best work and paste it for the world to see. Sharing capabilities are also provided on each and every picture, but a link shall be embossed on the picture, thereby assuring that the original creator shall get the credit.

There are a lot of other design changes from Pinterest and LinkedIn that is to be seen. The entire visual presentation has been presented in tiles or boards, and organised into specific categories. With the integration of Facebook and Twitter, the social media platforms are also abuzz with the different design elements located in the website. If you would want to harness the power of The Matboard, do so now, and get in contact with a lot of people of similar interests.

Features of The Matboard: –

  1.  Connection to like-minded people and prospective clients.
  2.  Excellent media interface for social media networking.
  3.  Exclusive boards to portray the latest designs in appropriate categories.
  4.  Social media integration for better exposure.
  5.  Reduction in the comments section of each and every picture unlike Pinterest.
  6.  Search and find the appropriate designers for your job.

The notable features that you shall find in The Matboard shall help you to enjoy the website as well as get your job done. Pinterest was for sharing pictures in a social media platform, LinkedIn harnessed the power of professional networking. The Matboard harness the power of both to create a visual representation of a professional designers work.

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