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After A Long time I am writing a post now Sorry for them who have waited for it and thanks for being patient.:)
Third-Party  apps for Twitter like Tweetro, Metro Tweet or Tweet Deck  which we normally use to interact with our twitter account , now  Twitter Ignores Them.

Twitter Has removed the ability to know  exactly the third- party apps which being used in the process of tweeting .Previously this feature was removed from it’s Iphone client and that change has been removed from it’s web version as well.

This removal of client credibility is confirmed by IFTTT API evangelist John Sheehan on

Twitter now Emphasizes on first- party apps like it’s web version and mobile version.It is now trying to push the users of tweetdeck or metro tweet etc to it’s first-party clients

Previously if a user was tweeting through a third- part app then it was like the app has endorsed him to post a tweet.
If a twitter celebrity uses a particular app then his/her followers definitely try the client probably forget the web version of twitter. This is  part of company’s move to make twitter homogeneous and to emphasize on first part apps.

Developers always point out something  Display Guidelines, which Twitter says will become rules in six months, appear to indicate (by omission of mention) that displaying a via tag is not part of how it wants third-party clients to act. So this could become a uniform behavior across all clients.

This move of Twitter probably makes the future of third-party clients dark. Let’s hope their better feature.:)