CRAZY TALK! No, that’s now what we do here in Softwarelint! But for today, we will be taking a look at an up and coming Mac app called: Crazy Talk7.

So what exactly is CrazyTalk7?

Have you ever heard of facial animation? Are you often at awe when you see one in action? Have you ever wondered how they do it? Well, let’s put all those questions to rest because this is EXACTLY HOW THEY DO IT! Introducing… CrazyTalk7.

CrazyTalk7 is as of the moment, the most POPULAR facial animation tool in the market. It uses sound and text to vividly animate facial images. This is all possible thanks to the Auto Motion technology. All you have to do is IMPORT images, specify the facial features, record your one voice, and be amazed as you see it automatically generate lip-syncs in order to create 3D life-like, talking videos!

Cool isn’t it? The Softwarelint staff got so excited about this app! But really, who wouldn’t be? This app is basically a testament to the amazing advancements in technology right now. Who would’ve thought that an awesome app like this can be had for just $29.99?! Very cheap!

Here are some of the features of CrazyTalk7:


1. Turn Any Image into a Talking Head

  • Import JPEG, BMP, TGA, and PNG formats.
  • Follow the facial fitting and 3D orientation process to create life-like characters with VividEye technology.
  • Use the auto-detection system for instant background removal.

2. Auto-lipsync with your Own Voice

  • Import WAV, MP3, record your voice audio, or use TTS.
  • The audio lip-syncing engine animates any character’s mouth with the built-in phoneme library that distinguishes a wide range of vocals.
  • Morph your voice or add spatial effects to it.
  • Manually refine your lip-syncs in the Timeline, and adjust the strength of the lip shapes with flexible controls.

3. Auto Motion Technology

  • This feature analyzes the tones in your voice to auto-generate head and facial movements while you apply different styles to any voice scenario.
  • IDLE – Set a foundation for your animation.
  • FUNCTIONAL – Choose basic head movements.
  • SCENARIO – Fit any motion styles like singing passionately at an opera, or crying out loud with fear.
  • Adjust the strength, threshold, smoothness and spring effect.

4. Custom Facial Puppeteering

  • Use a mouse or handheld device to puppet your character in real-time to set a personality.
  • Choose specific facial muscles to control, create expressions and head movements while you record live.
  • Create motion clips that can be layered and edited for later projects.

5. Rich-Content Library

  • Get started quickly with tons of assets that assist in any animation.
  • Be inspired with beautifully-crafted projects, actors, voice scripts, and audio which can be further customized.
  • Auto Motions and backgrounds can be used to fit particular scenarios, or combined, edited and layered with studio-made Motion Clips for intricate expressions.

6. Timeline Editing and Refinement

  • Use specific facial expressions from the library and overlay them in the Timeline, or puppet to create your own.
  • Manipulate any motion clip with cut, copy, break, loop and speed functions, and save it in your custom library for future projects.

7. Output

  • Export videos or images in different size and ratio.
  • QuickTime videos codecs: Resolution up to 1920×1080.
  • Image sequences in alpha channel formats (BMP, TGA, and PNG).

8. Free Online Video Tutorials, Manuals and Forum Help.

Learn from video tutorials and manuals, or meet in the online forum to share ideas and suggestions with thousands of CrazyTalk users from all over the world.

So what else are you waiting for? Get your crazy on and start downloading CrazyTalk7 for your Mac! Don’t miss out on the fun! It’s only $29.99.

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