What Do You Wish For?

WishLab is an iOS productivity app by BumberApps. The idea is quite simple but unique as WishLab allows you to capture your wishes, your everyday thoughts and keep track of what you achieved but there’s more to it than being just some notepad app; WishLab makes a heck of an effort in making sure you don’t forget your wishes and achieve the goals you have set for yourself, the app lets you Set time frames to achieve your goals and wishes. All your thoughts and wishes are carefully laid out in the  beautifully designed Wish Board, the Wish Board helps you in visualizing your thoughts and wishes.

The gorgeous UI is not the only beautiful thing about WishLab as it not only allows you to get inspired by other people but allows you to inspire them as well, with the “Inspiration” feature. That points out that the app is quite social and your success story can be shared on Facebook & Twitter.

Best iPhone running app

Personally I feel WishLab can easily serve as your diary of visualized thoughts, that is what makes this app so superb. The idea behind this app as I said earlier is quite simple but the result is stunning, if you wish to keep track of your wishes in an organised yet beautiful manner then WishLab is for you!

Currently best iPhone running app – WishLab  is exclusive to iOS users but it is rumored that the Android version is underway.

[app url=”https://itunes.apple.com/ng/app/id578569959″]