Hello Softwarelint Reader’s after a long time now we are presenting you a new application that will going to blow your mind. This application are meant to be made for sports enthusiast who are really dedicated to sports. This application is not only for coaches this can be used by player too. This application helps sports person to easily manage and create a new sports drills, strategies and tactics.

By having a great User interface this application is very easy to use. It is like an fun app where u will not get bored easily. With this simple yet incredibly versatile app, you can create, save and share complex sports tactics that translate effortlessly into real-life sports plays.


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UI – Features

  • – Create complex plays and strategies and watch them animate into beautiful and fluid motion.
  • – A tool for drawing clean lines in multiple colors and styles – colored lines, dashed lines, arrow lines and arrow dashed lines.
  • – Dropdown menu for selecting pen color and eraser.
  • – A tool for erasing lines, plays, and players.
  • – Create groups, assign and save players for future ease and convenience.
  • – Input text that can be edited into various colors and sizes.
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[app url=”http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/coachnote/id495635047?mt=8″]


Official Information

Within this application you can easily Manage and control players’ movement, number, color and direction of rotation. With CoachNote, you can even trace players and ball movement. Switching players is seamless and easy; you can set player direction and watch your plays come to life in a wonderfully animated motion. Use your finger to effortlessly create your plays on the multiple boards available.

CoachNote is compatible with every sport imaginable and includes maps for the following: American football, arena football, badminton, baseball, basketball, billiards, bowling, indoor cricket, outdoor cricket, curling, foot volleyball, futsal, handball, basketball, ice hockey, lacrosse, netball, ringette, roller hockey, field hockey, rugby, rugby union, soccer, tennis, ultimate frisbee, volleyball and water polo.

More than just a simple clipboard or whiteboard – with CoachNote you can record save and share your plays into a playable video for players, teammates and friends. Or send them to a TV output for maximum effectiveness.


  • – Create, record and share a video of your plays with your voice.
  • – Display your tactics on a TV/Projector with VGA Output (VGA Dock Connector required).
  • – Convert your notes into a sharable pdf format for e-mail.
  • – Synchronize the app for the iPad.
  • – Beautifully animate your plays.
  • – Use pictures of yourself as a court.
  • – Player focused – automatically move your ball with a player.
  • – Half court and Full court mode.
  • – Clean the lines or players on the board.
  • – Effortlessly change and switch player, player number or letters.
  • – Multiple pages of notes available to fill in.
  • – Formation preset to save and load all features.


Experts views

While using this application CoachNote  we found it to be best application for sports person. If you are a sports man and really wanna share your tatics then why are you waiting for go grap this application on your iphone and IOS devices Now.