Hi Softwarelint  readers,

On the WWW it is good to know who’s watching you … and how to block them if you choose. It’s all about choice!!!.Yes, we are talking about your privacy, which website tracks you, which site keeps a cookie inside your PC  ,all about it, you will be concerned by Ghostery


It’s a wonderful browser extension for all platforms which is curious about your privacy and security. It enables users to control and detect web- bugs (objects embedded in a web page, invisible to the user, that allow the collection of data on the user’s browsing habits) .Ghostery Watches which websites keeping an eye on you or tracking you and inform you to block or allow the script. it has complete user control features.

It tracks the tracker of websites which are interested in all your private activities like all ads servers,web publishers and other companies. Every time it shows many bugs by it’s more than 1000 trackers. Not only the scripts but also you can block widgets , ad networks and web bugs.When the add-on finds one, it displays a small pop-up in the upper right naming each one it found.

After showing all the data who’s tracking you  and all it asks you whether you want to keep blocking or allow.


Then you are in control of yourself. if you want to delete/block  scripts from untrustworthy websites , you can block the i frames , images. It hands complete privacy to you . You will be surprised to see this no. of websites tracking you.Do away with annoying pop up ads that hog your bandwidth, delay your page loads, and simply get in the way.

But, since most of the website use some sort of tracking, it soon will become very irritating for a common user. For them, the have provided an icon in the system tray. With a single click you can toggle Ghostery On and Off.

If you’re concerned about privacy or curious about sites tracking your information, you’ll want to install Ghostery.