There is never a shortage of games for preschoolers nowadays. There are hundreds, or even thousands of games that are being released on multiple platforms (android, iPad, etc.) for the kids to play and enjoy. The trick in creating a game or an app for kids is that it should be more than just fun. The app must also be educational because at the end of the day, that is the criteria that the parents factor in the most. Good news for parents out there! RosMedia developed yet another fun and exciting app for kids, this time it’s 123 Kids Fun Animated Puzzle!

123 Kids Fun Animated Puzzle is compatible with the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch with iOS 5.0 or higher. This game is fit for kids ages 3-7. As mentioned a while ago, what matters most when it comes to apps for kids is the educational factor that comes with it. Parents want to buy games for their kids that will benefit their child’s mental growth.

Easy To use Application

The app is very simple and easy to use. The colorful nature of the game makes it more interesting for kids to play with. Did you know that puzzles are one of the best games for a child to play in order to enhance one’s intelligence? This is why 123 Kids Fun Animated Puzzle is a great game to get for your kid!

The App includes 10 Boards:

– Vehicles,
– Safari
– Pets
– In the kitchen
– Toys for children
– Playground
– Cat Show
– Schoolyard
– In the garden
– Farm Animals

Each board is composed of 6 pictures that need to be arranged. Each picture has two difficulty levels; Easy and Difficult. For the “Easy” level, only 5 elements are present, while the “Difficult” level has 9 elements. Your child must arrange all the pictures on the board in order to unlock the following levels.

Here are some key features of the game:

  • Kids friendly App
  • Easy navigation between boards
  • Very colorful pictures and animations
  • Two levels of difficulty for each picture
  • Realistic sounds

 Author’s Review

123 Kids Fun Animated Puzzle is definitely one of the must-have games for kids ages 3-7. RosMedia has delivered yet another great app for kids to enjoy and learn from! This app deserves 5 stars from Softwarelint!

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