Christmas is a magical and glorious religious festival for all Christians. And Christmas tree is the heart of the festivals. If you are here, you will get an amazing android app named “123 Kids Fun Christmas Tree” that will allow you to create funny and stunning Christmas tree for your beloved children. With the app you can make a virtual Christmas tree for your children whatever they want.

Category of the app:

123 Kids Fun Christmas tree is a game type app that enables users to make funny and stunning Christmas trees for their cute babies. It adds new fun and joy to the Christmas day. It is a funny and educational android app for toddlers and preschoolers.

Compatibility of the app:

123 Kids Fun Christmas tree is an android app which is compatible with iPhone and iPad.  This particularly is designed for the android mobile devices. The current version and size of the app are respectively 1.0 and 30 MB. This app performs in English language. And the seller of the app is RS media.

Features of the app:

123 Kids Fun Christmas tree is an android app which is featured with exclusive features such as:

  • It is an amazing and captivating Christmas games application.
  • The app is carefully conceived and interactive android app.
  • It is featured for the jobs that includes kids’ friendly app.
  • Bright, colorful and child-friendly features and designs.
  • Hundreds of rich graphics and designs.
  • Vibrant and crystal clear sound.
  • No disgusting advertisement.
  • Creative play and alphabet.

Functions of the app:


123 Kids Fun Christmas tree is an android app that functions to create a unique Christmas tree. It enables users to make six different types of funny Christmas trees for kids. With the app you can decorate your virtual Christmas tree using mind-blooming animations.  It helps to make bubble with image of your child, mum, and friend. Surprise your beloved child and friend with original Christmas cards. Since beginning of December you can present yourself under the Christmas trees.

What are the specialties of the app?

I23 Kids Fun Christmas tree is special at features and natures; it enables users to create funny Christmas tree for their kids. IPad, iPhone, and iPod users can make attractive Christmas tree by themselves with the Christmas fun android app.

How can I download the app?

The downloading process of the app is very easy. You can get the 123 Kids Fun Christmas tree android app in the Google app store. Besides, the app is available in the android app store. Obeying some simple terms and conditions you can download the app. There is no need to pay any subscription fee to download the app.

Pros of the app:

There are many advantages and utilities of the 123 Kids Fun Christmas tree android app such as:

  • It is a free android app.
  • It is open for all.
  • No language barriers.
  • It is featured with many eye-catching features.

Cons of the app:

  • Compatible with only iPad and iPhone.
  • Requires iOs android availability.
  • Bad luck for the users of other operating systems except android device.


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