Are you an iPhone user? You would always be very excited about a new apps released in the apple store. Sometimes, new apps are very confusing to understand. To help in the understanding, many websites come up with rules and instructions to use a particular app. Softwarelint are one of those website. Every app developers tries to rank their app within the  Top 6 so that they can get maximum downloads and gain popularity.

One of the things that should be looked upon in an app is to judge the reviews or ratings that have been given to a particular app when it is featured in the app store. The ratings help to judge if the app/game is worth downloading or not. Once the choice is made, one can go further to download and use the app successfully.

Here we find Some of the best amazing IOS apps are:

  1. Yahoo finance: Stock apps are one of the favorites in the market now. One can keep a track of the markets through the use of such amazing apps. It is mainly due to the inability of the default stock app that comes with the ios. Yahoo finance serves great for this purpose.
  2. Scanbot: With the advent of internet and the world getting digitalized, it has become imperative for the people to digitalize all documents, receipts and other identity proofs. Many scanning apps have been developed for iphone but scanbot is a highly different app that captures, scans at 200 dpi. The application can be used to upload automatically as it features some cloud services.
  3. Airhelp: With the increasing need of travelling flight service have become highly essential for both businessmen and normal travelers. So there are times when flights get delayed, cancelled or overbooked. Such times can be overcome with the help of Airhelp. It saves a lot of paper work and in turn it just takes 25% if compensation is brought by them.
  4. Jet car stunts: With the competitiveness of releasing games it has become a headache for the game designers to get their games more popular in the market. This particular game with its concept and game play has overcome every hurdle and come into the attention of the users because of its unique design, layout and composition. One has to make sure that the car remains on the platform rather than falling.
  5. London Bus checker: In a new city it’s always tiring to travel. Buses are the primary mode of transportation and waiting for buses in London is even more tiring. The London bus checker app covers every bus stop in London and one can check the buses coming at a particular time to any particular bus station which reduces the hassle of being panicked.
  6. Elvis Slots : Elvis Slots is a very popular game we observed in this decades. The various games are normally used to entertain the customer to make themselves free of tension of all kinds. . This game has become an overnight hit in casinos as soon as it was introduced in market. It is a version known as “a little more action” which is known to be a click slot rather than multi-strike game. But the main feature appears to be stacked wild features where players can get chance to win big bonus.

There are many other ios apps which are popular among the users like the Elvis slots which is one of the popular casino games on apple store.