Hello, there! Softwarelint wants to give you a review of one more app called Word Warfare. If you are up for a battle of wits using words as your weapon, the Word Warfare is the game for you. This mobile application is developed by Brandon Lassiter which is a game designed for individuals who crave for a challenging word with a twist. You can play against your friends and even against strangers who are online with a challenging battle of vocabulary and wits, with the thrilling twists of ticking bombs for a race against time to win. This mobile application quenches your thirst for a word game challenge with the unique intervention of ticking time bombs that add more to the excitement when playing the game.

Craft words to steal time from your opponents

The Word Warfare gives you a challenging game that will make you create words out of the random letters provided by the application. Use these words in order to steal the time from your opponents, who may be your friends or any other players online. The challenge is to steal your opponent’s time using words with the ability to use grenades and bullets to have a better fighting chance to win against your opponent. There are also power ups available if you are witty enough to win them that will give you a better fighting chance. Your ultimate goal would be to make your opponent run out of time until they admit defeat as you win victoriously in the game.

Challenge in every stage of the game

As you progress in your game, the Word Warfare offers a more challenging stage as you advance in your game. Each level becomes more difficult to win and it becomes harder to destroy your enemies primarily because all players will have their own weapons to use in defeating the other players. There are also weapons available to defend yourself against your opponent’s weapon. Use your weapon arsenal wisely in order to destroy other players and to protect yourself against your demise.

Special features of the Word Warfare

Playing the Word Warfare allows you to play against your friends and against other online players too. It comes with a Facebook integration feature that allows you to socialize with your Facebook friends and bring updates on your game progress on your Facebook profile. The Word Warfare is a free application but comes with a full Game Center Integration that allows you to build your own leader board ranking against the global players. You are also rewarded and recognized for your achievements in the Global Leader boards of the Game Center. As you use your word wits and skills to defeat the other players, you gain ranks and you win more power ups that will boost your ranking and ability to compete to the more challenging game levels. Players will enjoy the bragging rights for their victories and makes people recognize your winning games. It is also allowed for players to play several Word Warfare games at once. The game comes with an EPIC soundtrack and high graphic qualities and audio that the players can enjoy while playing the word battle against other players.

The challenge of winning the word battle

This unique game of words will bring out all your wits and challenges your vocabulary power in order to defeat other players. In order to win, you need to use the random words wisely in order to get higher point that will allow you to steal your opponent’s time. You should attempt to diffuse the bomb to prevent it from blowing up and blowing out your game as well. Try to use grenades, mechanics kit and the gunfire in order to diffuse the bomb. Use the letters given to you wisely in order to steal the remaining time your opponent has in order to lengthen your game with better chance of winning.