Good news to all Apple users having iPhone 4s/5/5c/5s. iOS 8.1 finally bring back toggle to switch cellular data  between 2G, 3G or LTE. This is the most awaited update for all the 2g users.



After huge amount of disappointment apple finally listen to their users and get the toggle back. But still there’s a cache for many iPhone users they will not still going to get back the toggle to switch to 2g and 3g simultaneously. Due to carrier service or If you are iPhone 6 user and reading this post you may try this on your device to enable 2g (Read this post). If this also don’t fix your problem then you may wait for the next coming update. Apple might be looking to fix it later on. As in many countries like india, africa there’s no 3G/LTE network coverage yet.

Why to switch to 2g ? not to 3g always?

It depends on the usability of user. If he is not hardcore internet user 2g will get his work done with low cost and low battery usage. If you are hardcore internet freaks uses internet to watch movies,streaming & doing online gaming, Then 3g/LTE is good to get the work done in spite of  battery drain faster. Other than this the main reasons to have 2g are :

  1. Its cost lesser than 3G/LTE (If you use internet just for checking mails and doing some sort of social media)
  2. 2G have more network coverage than 3G/LTE (Country like india having more 2g coverage than 3g/LTE)
  3. Low battery consumption (3G leads to high battery usage)

Installed iOS 8.1 still no toggle available to switch Data carrier?

Here’s an update : Many users updates there iPhones from iOS 8.0.2 to 8.1 with a hope to get the toggle back. Many got the option as the apple mentioned in the changelog and many still having the same issue. After a long discussions on official Apple forum. We are fairly confirmed that carrier server provider are trying to locking down this toggle to LTE/3G.

We will recommend you to get in contact with your carrier services. Go to them and explain them the issue. They might helped you. In India we can’t expect much from service provider. They may ignore the issue or will keep you waiting for long time with no resolves.

What to try ?

  • Contact your carrier service ask them to resolve the issue. (You may need carrier update)
  • Fresh restore the iPhone with a latest iOS 8.1 (Apple suggested in many post, you might got an issue while updating your phone)
  • Try to use other carrier service. (By this you will came to know wether your iphone having software issue or the carrier issue)
  • Wait for Apple new firmware.(Expect apple to give an option for all the users for the carrier in new update)

Carrier Service or Apple faults?

After reading few reports we are confirmed that Apple iOS 8.1 brings all the things back as they stated. Its depends on carrier to decide which kind of band users will going to choose from. We will recommend you to go to carrier store and get your carrier settings update.

For iPhone 6/6+ users : So far we don’t see any success with 2g network on iPhone 6/6+ even after carrier setting update. you may wait for apple new firmware. Which will allow you to force switch to which ever network you want.

We find many person having both iPhone 5s and 6. Where iPhone 5s using same sim card (carrier service) getting the option and on other hand on iPhone 6 no option to switch network while one the same sim card.

We expect apple to focus on this points and bring the handy toggle back to all iPhones facing the issue due to carrier. Follow us to get more update.

Updated on : 26 October 2014