We have reviewed many different apps that aim to help your traveling easier. AtoB Distance Calculator PRO is one of the apps that fills in the gaps left by the other apps. It allows you to find out the distance between different locations and even to visualize them on the map.

Know the distance

AtoB is a very accurate tool that allows you to calculate distances from up to ten different points. The best part is that the distances can be calculated as a land route or a flight path. This allows you to plan and find out how long your journey will be before you take it. The app can deliver the results in km, miles and nautical miles, making the distances understandable for most of the world. You can also see your results on a map together with details on every point, making planning rally easy.

AtoB, plan your trips

The app also allows you to search for landmarks and sights or to search by cordinates, making your life a lot easier. The system supports easy favoriting and even provides a full history allowing you to see your previous calculations. If you feel like sharing ideas or showing your friends the places you plan to travel to you can even share the maps and routes on Facebook or Twitter and even by email. This will help your friends to be in touch with your doings.

Authors review

AtoB Distance Calculator PRO is yet another amazing app to everyone who is interested in knowing distances between different locations. The app also provides you with information on different landmarks in various countries, turning it into a guidebook. Bernhard Obereder has again showed the quality of his products by making this amazing app. We from Softwarelint warmly suggest all out dear reads to try it out, you will not be disappointed.

[app url=”http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/atob-distance-calculator-free/id452521092?mt=8″]