Hello all Softwarelint fans and followers, today we are taking a look on time management and planing. I think we all have had to deal with the situation where we miss a meeting because we have forgotten about it. Ever had problems because you were unable to send new schedules to your secretary fast enough or forgotten to take notes because you did not have a notebook with you?  The new iPhone app from YunaSoft Inc. Is bound to change it all.

What exactly is the Awesome Calendar ?

When you first start to use the app, it might look a little overwhelming as there are so many options to choose from. You have a notebook, diary, alarms, weather forecasts, maps and much more. But what surprised me is that the app is very easy to get used to, it offers excellent functionality for a very low price. For people who love to keep their schedule online, Awesome Calender offers you a unique solution, it offers full support for Google Task. So lets take a look at what the app is capable of.

Your own personal mobile assistant

When you look at the app, it is called a calender, but it is so much more than that. In fact it would be a sin to call it a calender, i would call it your personal mobile secretary. First of you have a calendar, it works very well and is well thought of. You can add personal and work related notes, and it even supports a To-Do list that allows you to add several tasks that you need to complete, like a whole day plan. It even supports a feature that allows you to track the progress of your To-Do list. You can add alarms to your tasks so you never forget them. And you are not limited with just one, get as many alarms as you need. You can also make it show badge alarms on an icon. You can plan all your tasks months ahead if you wish. You may even attach cute stickers to the dates to help you remember better, if you believe stickers are not enough, the app even supports different colours.  This app really makes it hard for you to forget! You never have to worrie about not knowing how to get to your appointment as the app also gives you a map, that displays the location where the meeting is to take place. This is a need to have app for every businessman and why not for everyone.

When you have people working for you, or you need to share information, this is the perfect app for you. It allows you to share notes, tasks, schedules, photos and everything else with the person you want, by sharing it inside the app or mailing them. This makes sharing info and new tasks with your colleges so easy. No need to worry about misunderstandings, this app will try help to resolve most of your scheduling problems. Tired of work and time for a holiday? The app makers have even thought of this, allowing you to plan your holidays the best you can. It has a database with holidays on more than 35 countries. It even has the feature that shows you weather forecasts, it offers localized current and 4 day forecasts. A good app for both work and vacation and it is all in one package.

A mobile diary with a security code

What makes the  so called calender even better is that it has a inbuilt diary. You can use it for making notes and for embedding photos. You can share the photos with who every you wish. You can also make the app synchronize with Google Tasks, making the whole process very fast and reliable. If you feel your diary needs more security, there is also an option for that. The app allows you to use a passcode lock, making all your data private and well protected.

Author Review

This is certainly one of the best scheduling apps ever created. It offers functionality and ease of use never seen, and it does so with a very low cost. It is a very good way of helping you to get your day organized. Being always on time and knowing what to do will make you more reliable to everyone. I suggest this app to everyone, no matter where you are from. It will help you in your daily tasks and remembering important things.

[app url=”http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/awesome-calendar-+google-task/id480102733?mt=8″]