Isn’t it frustrating that you have everything ready to play a good game of golf when it suddenly rains and it completely ruin a great game ahead of you? Or do you find it quite a bummer when you have already everything packed for a picnic by the beach when the sky suddenly becomes dark and a heavy rain pour? Your failure to anticipate the weather ahead can be quite stressful, but not anymore. A new application called the Weather Pod can offer you a solution in beating out what could be a stressful day ahead because of the unpredictable changes in the weather.

Weather Pod – A Clever Weather Prediction Tool

It is a bit tricky to simply rely on predicting about the weather by looking at the sky and then evaluate whether it will be sunny or rainy day throughout the day. Changes in the weather cannot be gauged simply by doing this. You need something better than your naked eye to predict the weather – something like the Weather Pod application. The application is a clever prediction tool for the weather that provides a reliable weather forecast and other relevant and vital information about the weather within your local area.

The Weather Pod can show the current cloud cover, snow or rain in your location using a satellite map. The app could send an instant alert where the warning symbol located at the upper left of your mobile screen will start flashing. This feature however is only available currently within the US, UK and Canada regions. The Weather Pod is an intelligent weather app to use on your mobile when you want to get an instant weather alert within your fingertips. Get the latest weather forecast directly on your mobile device such as rain, snow or sleet predictability in percentage within your locality. You need however a reliable WiFi connection to enjoy this feature.

Visually Appealing App

The Weather Pod has a unique interface that allows you to view a 3-day weather forecast simply by using a swipe gesture. Users have been impressed with the application’s visual presentation on the current weather you have at your location. You can find in the middle of your screen an icon which when you touch will instantly reveal live weather information including the current temperature and the wind speed. You can choose to hide this information by touching on the weather icon again. The app has a rain, sleet or snow predictor icon which you can launch by touching it and raindrops will then appear to show the predicted percentage of rain or snow within your location.

Plan ahead using the Weather Pod forecast

Using this handy and very useful application will help you become more prepared in planning your activities. Whether you are planning on a trip, an out of town getaway or simply doing your daily activities outdoors will help you decide better whether you should take an umbrella with you or wear the proper clothes based on the weather. You’ll never have to worry about getting frustrated with the sudden changes in the weather with a stunning visual encounter with it using the Weather Pod app.