Bricks Breaker-Friends is claimed to be one of the best brick breaking games on the market. Currently priced at $2.99 in the app store, this game provides a unique experience for those wanted a little bit extra from their app games.

Bricks Breaker – Friends is a game where you try to break the bricks on the top of the screen by hitting them with a ball that you control with the character at the bottom of the screen. The object of the game is to break all the bricks on the screen. The app has special features that serve as a creative twist to the classic gaming concept.

When breaking bricks, for instance, coins and upgrades will fall from the top of the screen and they have to be caught by your character. There are many fun and exciting levels that grow in complexity. There are endless items that you can collect in a game. The game is also extremely competitive because you have the opportunity to appear on a worldwide leader board of players. Get the bragging rights you deserve and put your name where everyone can see it!

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Graphically, the game is both colorful and pleasing to the eye. The graphics are high quality and there are no signs of pixilation. Your character can be one of many animals, including a monkey, a penguin, a cat, and a chicken. When you win bonus prizes, you have the opportunity to procure other animals. The characters are not just for customization purposes. Each possesses certain skills that enhance your gaming experience. The music that plays in the background of the app is catchy and exciting to listen to. There is no explicit content so the game is great for all ages and backgrounds as well.

While the game is both exciting and extremely addicting, the app does have some trouble existing on larger screens. The pop-ups at the end of each round seem pixilated to some people and there have been reports that the app does not fit well on an iPad screen.

Overall, this game is agreed to be both exciting and addicting to play. The beautiful graphics and the sound effects create an exciting atmosphere that draws people in. The power-ups, coins, and bonuses fill the screen and can sometimes seem overwhelming; however, the rules are easy to grasp and the extra features add modern pizzazz to a classic favorite. Overall, the game is worth the steep app price and would make a great addition to your iPhone game collection.

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