We are living in an age when everything is getting digitalized and available online – from newspapers and magazines to radio and TV. The business field is no different and the newest trend is the digital business card. These digital business cards are very convenient because they can store as much information as you want, they are easy to create and they can be accessed from any device that has internet access. CardNet is one of the most popular iOS based applications that allow users to create and share digital business cards.

How does CardNet Work?

The process of creating digital business cards is really simple. CardNet is actually functioning as a community (social network) and you need to have an account to join it and create a digital business card. The biggest advantage is that the app is that you can download it for free and you can use some paid features if you need them later. It takes only 16 MB of the memory and works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The only requirement is that the device has at least iOS 7.0. iPhone 5 users will have the best experience with this app because it was specially optimized for these users.

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CardNet community is really vibrant and you can easily find colleagues from your field that you already know but you can also manage to find potential business partners and collaborators. Adding information on your digital business card takes only few minutes and finding fellow members lasts for only few clicks. This iOS app was created to satisfy the needs of real professionals that are looking to take advantage of the newest technology and having a digital business card is definitely one of these things.

What Makes CardNet so unique?

There are few other apps in this category but some of the features that this app has are completely unique:

–        Synchronization – you can quickly synchronize the existing mobile contacts with the app

–        Finding business cards – really simple process of finding business cards and sharing your own

–        Growing community – when it comes to finding new business partners, the opportunities of this app are endless.

–        Regular updates – the designers of this app are obviously carefully monitoring its performance because there are regular updates that guarantee the best user experience.

How to download this app?

If you are interested in this great app you can download it from the following link https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cardnet/id849681099?mt=8. The installation process is the same like the ones used in standard iOS apps.

Pros of the app

This mobile app is free to download and it has smooth design and user friendly interface without unnecessary options. The most interesting feature is the “shake” feature that allows users to share their digital business cards with a simple flip of the wrist. This will definitely save you some time.

Cons of the app

Although this app is free for downloading, some features are locked or limited if you don’t get the paid version.

CardNet is the ideal application for all professionals who are trying to expand their business and keep in touch with their colleagues by using digital business cards.