Clashot is the new iPhone and iPad app that’s set to rival Instagram with its advanced photo-capture capabilities and income potential.

These days, fewer people are lugging heavy cameras and interchangeable lenses around with them; with this simple app, iDevice users can have all the functionality of a top-quality camera in their backpockets.

What makes Clashot stand out from the crowd is its ability to let users earn an income from the photos they take. How does this work? Photos taken using the app can be uploaded directly to (once users have signed up for an account). There is a short approval process to check photo quality, then photos are made available for sale.


  • Really easy to use

  • App is free to download

  • Excellent income potential

  • Networking function



  • New app, so not many users just yet

  • No video support

  • Low payouts (44%, a minimum $0.35 per photo)

  • High minimum withdrawal amount ($50)


While it might not be the get-rich-scheme that makes future headlines, this new photo app certainly wins points for innovation; with millions of iPhone users already sharing photos for free, it makes great business sense to start capitalising on photo sharing. Stock photography sites such as iStock and Getty Images are already dominant in the online photo licensing world, but clashot might have the edge when it comes to bringing photo needs to an app environment.

Clashot is not just an income machine; app users can interact with like-minded photographers from around the world and like, favourite and comment on photos in a similar fashion to pinterest and facebook.

App users needn’t worry about their technical abilities when tackling the app; a simple tutorial wizard provides a clear explanation when running it for the first time, and there’s help on the app website too.

One problem we have identified is the low payout value (from $0.35 per image), versus the high minimum chashout amount (currently $50). A simple calculation tells us that we might need to shift a photo 150 times (or sell 150 photos) before we see any money from the company. In the end, it may just be professional agencies that make the most money out of the app, with amateur users never seeing the fruits of their labor. That said, clashot does lay out its terms clearly and there’s nothing to lose by signing up and taking it for a spin. There are also higher payout amounts available, if users choose to sell their photos at a higher price.

The clashot app seeks to start a whole new generation of photojournalists, bringing the latest photos from accidents, sporting events and social happenings to the marketplace before anyone else. If you find yourself waiting in line for a burger and Tom Cruise walks in, you’ve got yourself a winning photo.

4 ways to make money from clashot

  1. Snap some candid shots of local celebrities

  2. Upload images of popular monuments

  3. Get yourself a front seat at a baseball game and send sportstar images

  4. Capture the local wildlife

Clashot is brought to you by the team behind Deposit Photos, so we’re certain that this app will be the next big thing in 2014. The clashot app is absolutely free to install, and could end up making you some extra cash. Our advice: jump onboard with this one now.

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