Softwarelint is here with another exciting new app to talk about! You know that phase in your life where you’re just suddenly confused and unsure about a lot of things? You have some sort of crisis about who you really are? It’s normal, especially with teenagers. But even adults suffer from this problem too. With this iPhone app idea, you will surely be guided to the right path! Introducing: Color-Test!

Color-Test is one of the best free apps for iPhone! This app is just what you need to find the real you. If you have some spare time right now, Softwarelint encourages you to try this app out! This iPhone app idea is really revolutionary. I have personally tried it out, and I have nothing but good words to say about this app.


Special Something:

Color-Test is a very simple app that can be really worth-while. Its Special Something is that unlike other best free apps for iPhone, this app is very personal. You get to know a lot more about yourself which no other app can give you! It focuses on the science of colors. Yes, color is art, but its effect to us is considered as science as well. Color-Test presents a broad selection of combinations (over 100) represented by otherwise identical rainbow colored dolls. After this, the app analyzes your choice, while providing unique insight to the secret’s within your OWN SUBCONSCIOUS! Isn’t that crazy? But in a good way!

This app is much better than having to go to a Fortune Teller! Honestly, they make great predictions which are very spot-on. It’s actually a little creepy at times, but hey, it means that this app is legit and working as well as advertised!

Color-Test is too awesome. This iPhone app idea proves to be really genuine. Any person from all ages can enjoy this dashing iPhone app. Color-Test has a Special Something with it, you better try it out soon!

Dashing Features:

–Two modes of color analysis:
* The user can choose to analyze him or herself, or a specific question or decision
–Over 100 color combinations provide highly specific readings
–Fun, friendly interface puts the user at ease
–Color Test provides food for thought, letting users consider their deepest questions in a new light
–Share your color results via Facebook, SMS, and email!

Color-Test has really amazing features that can hang with the best free iPhone apps in the market. The best part about this app is that it is so simple and easy to use! Even a 5 year old can enjoy this app. This iPhone app idea is simply one of the best. Weallkings did a great job in developing this app. They are one of the rising iPhone app developers right now, and this is just one of the many best free iPhone apps that they will create.


Softwarelint’s Final Thoughts:

If you’re looking for an app that will help you get to know more about yourself while having fun, then Color-Test is the perfect app for you. This is one of the best free apps for iPhone as of today! Don’t get left behind and start downloading this now. You won’t regret it; we surely didn’t!