You are the mighty hero who’s destiny is to save young girls from te army of darkness on the continent of Calun. Do you have what it takes to be a hero ? It is time to pick up a sword and fight against the power of darkness in Combo Slash by INT SQUARE.

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A game that changes

Combo Slash is a side-scrolling action rpg where you play a hero who fights to save young girls from evil forces. The game offers a very unique randomized map system which generates a new world every time you play the game. This gives the player new environment every time and makes the game more challenging. After the completion of the game you can choose Survival and Hell modes that make the game really challenging.

Many cool features

The game offers many fun and good features that lengthen the longevity of the game. The princess you are helping can help you in combat. You can fully customize her to suit your play style, she even gains levels and allows you to make her skills better. The game offers 44 different skills that you can use and upgrade. This allows you to customize the hero as you feel is the best. There are over 150 items in the game, many of them giving you different bonuses. You can use grenades, traps, potions, magic, consumable items and many different weapons to overpower the enemy. The action is fast paced and really fun. The game plays so smooth that everyone can do it, it has been specially built to feel as natural as possible.

Authors opinion

Combo Slash is a very fun action rpg suitable for almost everyone. The suggested limit is for kids over 9 as it does have some violence but it is very well played out so parents wont have to worry. A very good and entertaining game that keeps you busy for a long time