What is Conojo Whiteboard?

Conojo Whiteboard is one of the most amazing drawing apps created for the iPad. It includes all important elements, like it allows easy strokes, resulting in crisp details so that your creation turns out to be completely astounding. But the app is not simply a conventional drawing app, and this is what makes it different from the other apps that you might have used so long. To help you understand the big difference, below are given the major features of the app that you need to get fully acquainted with.

Intuitive Drawing Tools and Export/Import:

Conojo has the most amazing drawing tools, coloring options and auto shapes that will help you create the perfect masterpiece. It also has many stylish fonts and a wide selection of backgrounds that you surely will find helpful. If you ever need to edit your creation, then all you need to do is upload the image file and the Conojo app will let you do your editing. Once you complete your creation, you can also share it with others over the public podium using the app’s exporting feature for sharing in social media. You can import files easily with Photo Roll, WebDav, DropBox and more, and export easily using Facebook, Email, Evernote, Twitter or more.

Collaborative Drawing and Screen Casting:

Conojo works quite like the Google Docs, with the difference being it is meant for drawing and not writing. However, the app allows you to collaborate with others for an eclectic drawing process. If you need to share your progress and show the individual work you are doing to others, then you can take a screenshot and share it with others just in few taps.

Other Interesting Features include:

  • Interesting templates including graphs, charts, flowcharts, fishbone diagrams
  • 36 built-in training videos to help learn how to use advanced features
  • Powerful Bluetooth collaboration and integration
  • 25 backgrounds and various formatting options
  • Express ideas visually
  • More than 100 stylish fonts
  • Drag and drop objects
  • Advanced tools to help you create dynamic creations


  • Wide selection of drawing tools, colors, fonts etc.
  • Local sharing for collaborationDropbox/WebDav/Photo Roll integration
  • Image or Video sharing of Whiteboard
  • How-to videos for better understanding and creation


  • Nothing really.


Conojo is more than any average whiteboard app that you might have come across in your App Store. By combining a whiteboard, a video app, and a social app, it turns out to be a great training tool. Conojo offers all that you would need in a whiteboard app, and in fact, it has much more to offer. This app is ideal for sharing or teaching artworks and that too at a very low price.

Download : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/conojo-whiteboard-interactive/id664687436?mt=8