Do you want to enjoy an exciting virtual truck driving on your iPhone and iPad? Then, download and install crazy truck driver game app dump ‘n’ dash. This is a unique driving mobile game application with exclusive features and functions. Yes, playing the game you can lose yourself in a world of unlimited pleasures for a moment. Let’s find details about this crazy truck driver game application.

Category of the app:

Crazy truck driver is an android game app featured with amazing and pleasuring features. It is a skilled android game app that offers users unlimited fun and pleasure. Whatever you want dash and dump, race and rage, uphill and downhill and any other driving features are available in the crazy truck driver game app.

Compatibility of the app:

Crazy truck driver game app is designed for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iPhone 5. This exciting driving app requires android iOs. In addition, this android mobile game application is especially optimized for iPhone 5.

Current version of the app:

The current version and size of the crazy truck driver game app are respectively 1.3 and 53.1. This app is designed in English language and available for all android users. Crazy truck driver game app was released on 10 December, 2013.

Features of the app:

Crazy truck driver is featured with exclusive and exciting features those offer users unlimited fun and joy. Let’s find features of the app.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iPhone touch.

  •   Required android iOs 5 or later.
  •   Full size 53.1 MB.
  •   Available in English language.
  •   Current version 1.3
  •   Dash to dump, and race to rage all are available.
  •   Available in four different trucks.
  •   16 different levels.
  •   Featured with 3 different speed modes.
  •   Synchronized with facebook.


Functions of the app:

Crazy truck driver game app is designed with amusing functions such as dash and dump, rage and race, uphill and downhill. You play as a crazy truck driver aimed to tip goods back of the truck. When you drive, you have to deliver goods without any losing of loads. You can augment the speed of your truck at three different modes slow, medium, and fast.

How to play the game?

This game is simple to realize and easy to play. Just click on the start option to play the game. You can choose your favorite truck among four trucks.  It has three different speed modes to and 16 levels to modify the carrying and running capacity of truck.

Why this game app is different from other apps?

Crazy truck driver dump ‘n’ dash game app is different from other game apps in features and functions. It has well-designed and skilled gaming plans and instructions. This is the perfect game app for unlimited pleasures and joys.

How to download the app?

You can download the app on iTune app store. This gaming app is free to download.

Pros of the app:

  •   Featured with eye-catching features.
  •   Offers unlimited joys.
  •   Available for all android users.
  •   Easy to play.

Cons of the app:

  •  Compatible only with iPhone and iPad.
  •  Requires iOs 5 or later.
  •  No access for all mobile devices.

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