Setup your own account, your own username and play Crime City! Start off as a thug and rise up in the levels. Become rich and powerful, buy properties, ground properties, and build a crime empire! Crime City for IOS are really exciting – And it’s free!

Crime City – Become A Crime King!

Available on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch (Requires iOS 3.0 or later)
Always wanted to have power and a crime family? Always wanted to be the boss, with loads of money and properties? Crime City is the resolution to your problem! This game is fantastic, it starts off with you choosing your mob name and doing some basic game starting guides just to get you started and ready to climb the stairs up to becoming powerful among many other players – keep in mind this game is a online game and needs a internet connection to play. In this game you can buy weapons, cars, armour and alot of other goodies to use in battle against other players or simply that has to be used in the game’s storyline missions.

Buy ground, add some shops, guard towers and defend your turf, earn money of your businesses – There are alot to do in this game, add and interact with other real life players, This game is actually pretty fun and has alot of content that can keep you going for hours! I’ve been addicted to it for months – Just keep in mind that this game features something called “Energy” required to do missions, when all of you energy is used up, it takes about 5 minutes for 3 energies to raise up. – But don’t worry, there are still alot of other things to do on this game!

Crime City Game review | The Conclusion
For me – Crime City is deffintly the best iOS game i’ve ever played followed by mobster. A fun gameplay, might be slow in the beginning but as soon as you gain some money and levels you will get so addicted! I play this every day, around every hour, if anyone wanna add me as a friend on there i’m named Ali Pachino, or something like that. Anyways, time for the final judgement – This game recieves a strong +6 from me! This game i just love and i recommend trying this if you love games in this type of genre, and also own an apple product.

Available at Apple Store

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