Every person comes to a point in his life when he starts to lack motivation and inspiration to perform everyday tasks. In some cases we need motivation to overcome some difficulties in our life or simply something to brighten our day. Inspirational quotes and graphics can certainly help anyone achieve that. With the help of The Daily Drive, Volume One: 30 Days of Sharable Catalysts To Motivate, Inspire & Change Your Life application people can quickly boost their motivation, eliminate depression, cure procrastination – in other words they can improve their lives.

How does The Daily Drive Volume One work?

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This app is inspired by a great line of greeting cards and it is actually a great mix of messages and graphics that can change anyone’s life. With its unique feature to choose your mood you can easily get texts/graphics that can help you out in the moment. They are tailored for your needs and all you have to do is provide the necessary short info about your current state. With just a couple of clicks you will get what you need – a real mood booster. Furthermore, these beautiful cards can be shared via email, SMS and social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. In this way you will not only get inspiration for yourself but you can also inspire your friends and family members. This is exactly how happiness works – by sharing and the creators of The Drive Volume One know that.

What makes The Daily Drive Volume One unique?

The truth is that there are many similar applications on the market. However, this app has some features that make it unique and very popular. First of all, the smooth design and the beautiful graphics used in all these cards cannot be found in most other apps in this field. There are different interesting fonts used for almost each text. Besides those finding inspirational/motivational cards is very easy. You also have the opportunity to instantly share the card you get with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

Where can I get The Daily Drive Volume One?

If you are interested in downloading this app you should know that it is available only for iOS-based devices that have iOS version 4.3 or later. It is fully compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. This app can be downloaded directly from Apple Store on the following link https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/daily-drive-volume-one-30/id864887477?mt=8 . It costs only $0.99.

Pros of the Daily Drive Volume One

–        Unique and easy-to-use interface

–        Dozens of unique text/graphics cards

–        It selects cards based on your current mood and needs

–        It allows sharing of your favorite cards via social media sites (Twitter/Facebook)

–        It doesn’t require much space on your mobile device

Cons of the Daily Drive Volume One

–        None

This app is a perfect tool for those who are looking for a way to get inspiration and motivation in their lives. With hundreds of messages/cards the Daily Drive Volume One is one of the most useful applications you can find in Apple Store.