Defense 39 is a newly-released iOS game which targets specifically war defense enthusiasts. The game is made up of over 70 different levels which all entice players at finding the best strategy for surpassing them. Even though the first level might trick some players into thinking that the game is poorly designed, one should never a judge a book by its cover. Each level in Defense 39 is enticing and challenges players to think at different strategies of eliminating incoming opponents.

Defense 39 takes place in September 1st of 1939 when the Nazi attacked Poland. Players are put into action as though reliving that event that became well known for its resistance against the aggressors. Arming your soldiers with weapons through the use of collecting the medals won when defeating enemy soldiers, players are able to upgrade their weapons to win the battle. Players must take caution, when defending they will face a bigger army with stronger enemy soldiers and tanks. The game play is very simple and easy to understand. The touch screen captures each touch point selected, once the players soldier ends its defeat, they are required to tap again as quickly as possible before the Nazis reach the player hut and destroys it.


– Multiple types of weapons

Players of Defense 39 will never get bored with experiencing the same type of weapon as almost each level unlocks new type of weapons. Dual machine guns, grenade launchers and automated guns can be unlocked throughout the game progress.

– Various enemies

Aerial units and various types of soldiers will arrive throughout the stages in order to make the action more fun and surprising.

– Connectivity options

The app also comes with the mail button to email the game developers of issues and/or suggestions. One can even like the official Facebook page with just one click to the icon. The reset button is available just in case one wants to restart the game, but all data will be lost. This button will be used with caution. Leaderboards are also available.


The graphics in the game are vivid and capture the events that had occurred in that time frame. The game animation runs very smoothly. There are several levels one must defend to complete the mission, do well and the player will receive a rating. There are two options for the game; Campaign and Survival. The campaign is free to play while survivor requires a purchase to play. They offer a variety of options to pick, like for instance a “Buy all locations” or a particular one of your interest. The game also comes with a leaderboards score that informs players of their achievements with the game in comparison to their own, from the survival of infantry, vehicle and mixed.



Defense 39 is the ideal game for everyone who is into defense, war and strategy. The whole ensemble is well-thought and the game may prove to be addicting in time.

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