Map apps for mobile devices are not something new. Over the past few years these maps have advanced a lot – thanks to them we can get high resolution satellite and terrain maps. But what most of these maps can’t tell you is the places you want to visit and where to locate your friends. Thanks to EasyFinder LLC and their Easyfinder Maps app these things are now possible.

How does Easyfinder Maps work?

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When you first take a look at this application you won’t notice the difference with other apps in this field. You will get an accurate map of your place of living. But when you start looking at its features you will discover its true potential. This app’s main purpose is to locate your friends. When we say “locate” we don’t mean just finding their home address. Easyfinder Maps is using a specific system that can track your friend’s current whereabouts and it can also guide you to reach that location in the fastest possible way. So, inviting your friends to use this app is a really smart move. In addition, you can find many interesting suggestions of current events, fun places, beaches, tailgates and any entertaining locations that are worth your attention and of course you will get detailed instructions how to get there.

What is so special about Easyfinder Maps?

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This is not your regular map app that will only use GPS to measure the distance between one place or another. Consider this app as an ultimate guide to events that you might find interesting and an app that can lead you to your friends’ current location. Now let’s highlight some of the main features of this application:

–        Sharing your current location with your friends so they can easily track you

–        Linking this app with Facebook

–        Chance to have live chat with your friends

–        Unique guide with a compass and arrow that will help you find any location you want

–        Saving the locations you have visited

Remember that if you constantly use GPS in the background you will drain the battery relatively quickly.

Where can I download this application?

The easiest and most convenient way to download this unique app is to visit Apple Store on the following link This application has a size of only 9.4 MB and it can be stored on internal and external memory. In order to use this app you will need to use an iOS-based mobile device with iOS 7.1 or later. It works perfectly on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Pros of this app

–        This is a completely free application

–        It has a beautiful interface with intuitive buttons

–        It is perfect for users that enjoy social media activity

–        Full Facebook integration

–        Independent chat platform

Cons of this app

–        This application is available only for iOS-based devices.

Overall, Easyfinder Maps by EasyFinder LLC is a unique map application that comes with many cool features which can easily replace some of your favorite social media apps.