About the app

We made you many reviews about apps , games, but recently we have not made an app related to fashion and creativity at the same time. This new app is called Fashion Dolls, is an app compatible only with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and requires iOS 4.3 or later. The app is rated 12+ because of the infrequent/Mild Sexual Content or Nudity, it is released at the beginning of this year and is only 16.7MB.

What exactly is Fashion Dolls?

As we said before Fashion Dolls app is fashion related, and if you have interest in fashion, you want to follow the recent fashion trends this may be the right app for you. This is classic dress up game that will make you more familiar about the fashion. More familiar because you are able to try different outfit to different models and see by yourself is it looking good, bad, modern, classic and so one.

If you’re  asking me I think that this app should be one of the most popular especially among the younger population, because looking good and cool is one of the biggest wishes when you are kid or in high school. Using this app you can test your skills in fashion and without buying the clothes and spending extra money, you can find what kind of clothes is matching on your personality, your style, your dimensions or your age.

Saving extra money is one of the greatest things that this app is delivering. Other great things that this app delivers is people’s creativity, improving your creativity in fashion field is one of the things that you will gain for sure.


Final words about the app

The app Fashion Dolls is fun and entertaining app that will fill your free time with entertainment, learning new things and improving your creativity. The app is available for iOS based devices and for now, it is not available for Windows Phone, Symbian or Android devices, but it is surely an app where you can gain a lot of experience in fashion world.

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