Softwarelint has always tried to keep its users in touch with what is happening in the world of social networking. In couple last reviews we just mentioned  how you can turn your android phone facetime enabled with alternative apps. The groups app that we have under review today is called “Finderous” a rather new grouping app on iphone 5.

Share the location

Just as many other grouping apps, Finderous is best groups app allows its users to create groups of interests. The unique twist here is that Finderous creates location based interest groups. The app allows you to create interest groups for almost every location!

Threads of common interest

If you wish to shave your opinion about a certain location feel free to post your own thread. If you see a existing thread you can join in or request to join if it is a closed thread. The followers can freely speak to each other in the comments section of the thread. You even have a search function to find areas of interest, this all makes the app very easy to use. If you wish to show something interesting about the certain place you even have the option of posting photos! This makes the whole thread look better and as they your own eyes are king.

Meet new interesting people

I find this extremely useful for meeting new peoples. Lets say you really like a certain coffe that is only offered in “Jims Coffee”. Now you have the option to create a group and find people who also like “Jims Coffee”. The app can be used to find new people to go out together or even to find some company when walkin your dog.

All and all it is an excellent app that helps to connect many users with common interests! If you like to mingle, to meet new people or just to find information about a location, this app is a must!

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“Finderous” way of making new friends!